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Warning: For Madmen Only
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Date:2007-10-05 17:16
Subject:things and stuff (i bet i've used that subject before)

long time no message, i see. well, here's what i've been up to.

well, i made it safely back to finch hatton, where i got lots of hugs and happy faces at my arrival in one piece. plus i was darker than the dodd boys for possibly the first time ever, so that was pretty cool.

then i wasted a couple of weeks being a slacker (shock), then had a road trip to innisfail for a JJJ music concert. during the trip i heard the instrumental War of the Worlds for the first time, and that totally rocked. so much, that i now have a copy of it to blast whenever i want.

the next weekend, i went back up to cairns for Dreamscape, and dressed up as a smurf, which was possibly the best idea i've ever had. it got me bajillions of tonnes of hugs, and i'm fairly sure that almost everyone said hi at one point or another.

then it was my 22nd, which involved lots of drinking and playing of music.

and now i have a job, working behind a bar up in eungella, serving drinks and being a waiter. and i'm sunburnt from camping the other weekend.

tadaa. :-)

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Date:2007-08-22 12:14
Subject:Homeward Bound...
Mood: calm

Hey all, I'm back in australia. :-) didja miss me?

i'm on my way back to mackay tonight, after having spent a very blurry handful of days up here in townsville. i got to suprise Kez for her birthday though, which put a massive smile on her face. :-D I like suprises. I am somewhat apprehensive though, because Boof has told me that my computer back home is dead, which is not a good thing. All my musics are on there, and i'm quite fond of them. I hope it's okay.

happy birthday to all the people who've gotten older in the last couple of weeks, too. :-)

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Date:2007-08-15 08:14

those of you who have facebook, i've just uploaded a bajillion pics up there. feel free to have a peek.

non-facebookians, i'll try and chuck some up on here for you asap.

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Date:2007-08-07 13:13
Subject:Beneficio. oh man.....

Spent three days in Beneficio, a hippy commune in the Sierra Nevada. It was amazing! i've got some pics that i'll throw online when i get the chance, but for now, open your imagination. it was in a narrow gorge, with terraced slopes. a couple of little streams wandering down the hillsides, and the site i stayed in, with two of the most wonderful people i've met this trip, had a teepee and a bunch of stone seats. the owner, Eliza, had so much in common with me that we spent a whole night just laying on the ground, watching a massive thunderstorm, and just chatting about the world.

the other girl who came with me was Beatrice, and I think i nearly developed a massive crush on her. she has the most amazing taste in music (read- likes Astral Projection and Dispatch), is always smiling and laughing, loves to give and recieve massages, and is amazingly stunning.

met some pretty crazy people, too. suprisingly enough. :-O


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Date:2007-08-04 13:46
Subject:Sierra Nevada

Spending the weekend up in a hippy commune in the sierra nevada with some cool austrians. no contact with outside world, so don't stress if i'm quiet for the next few days. stay safe all, and expect an exhaustively detailed post when i get back to the world.

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Date:2007-08-01 20:48
Subject:The great attractor

Granada has me under her spell. not sure when i'll leave. :-)

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Date:2007-07-27 04:02
Subject:Granada redux

I swear i've walked into the valley of the clones, here. couldn't fit me back in the rambutan, so i'm in the sister hostel, whose name i cannot currently recall, but is written on the door in arabic anyway. so far i've met the almost identical twins of one of pam's old housemates, scott, and a sweet, friendly girl i met at uni called colleen. plus one of the staff here brings to mind the image of one of my primary school buddies, if he'd decided on creative arts instead of violence. weirdness plus.

oh, and for the record, next time i come to europe, i spend all my time in italy and greece.

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Date:2007-07-24 12:52
Subject:MAD... ness, denning, rid.

crazy times in the royal city of spain, my friends. last night, we got together 22-24 backpackers from my hostel, and went on an improvised pub crawl. there was me, danele, stefan, erica, 5 danish girls, tom, dave, davo, bozz, ange, and another aussie chick whose name i missed during roll call, 3 brazillians, as well as a handful of assorted other people. crazy great fun.

erica and i have spent most of the past few days just hanging out together, chilling. we met the day i arrived at this hostel, as she was being creeped out by this creepy middle-aged indian guy. i came to her aid, shining like the knight in shining armour i so am, and we've spent the last day or so just chatting about life and love and such. she's got a massive crush on this french guy she was travelling with, and i've been encouraging her to make decisions based on her happiness, rather than what she thinks others expect of her. plus i'm trying to infect her with optimism, and so far, it seems to be working. :-) there've been a couple of times where she's said "it'll be okay", then turn to me and laugh.

last night there were 7 aussies in the hostel, fresh from the Bennicassim music festival. it was awesome, sitting around here before we went out, blasting John Butler Trio over the radio and drinking with a bag of ice sitting in the middle of the table. so much like home, so far away.

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Date:2007-07-22 18:20
Subject:Doubleposting! OMG

partially so you can see how terribly i've aged between my pics, but also because i noticed something freaky. each of the whole shots i've taken of myself these holidays have been with the same shirt and pants. and I do have others, I promise!

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also also, i read a new book the other day while waiting for my train. A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man, by James Joyce. I really liked it, once i wrapped my head around his peculiar writing style. I can see it coming to rest beside Demian as one of the books I'll give to my son.

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Date:2007-07-22 17:50
Subject:content, miss kateus?

snazzy new recent pic of me for my userpic. i've developed wrinkles. :-(

more recent pics ahead!

Read more...Collapse ) i think that should work. been a while since i lj formatted.

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Date:2007-07-22 08:04
Subject:Happy Birthday to a very Special someone.

Happy birthday boof! hope you have an ossum day, and get all those things for your birthday that crazy 15-year old suprémos want. hope you've been responsibly enjoying my music collection, and not just playing your wussy emo rubbish all the time. :-P

anyway love, take care, keep safe, and i will see you again soonish. Speshulll...

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Date:2007-07-21 21:52
Subject:Madrid reloaded

you meet the most interesting people at intersections. today, on my way to the Reina Sophia museum, i got lost (shock!) and ended up standing at an intersection with a french-canadian and two germans. after striking up a conversation with them, we all decided to go to the park and sit by a lake for a bit, and chat about things and stuff. then the french-canadian guy and i went to the museum, where we wandered around staring at lots of surrealist, impressionist and somethingelseist artworks in awe.

when i finally left the museum, i came back home and took a little siesta, and by the time i woke up, everyone else in my dorm had showered and gone to bed. i'm currently feeling a little disheartened with the night life at this hostel, but while down in the kitchen i met a dutch guy called Douwe and an andalucian called antonia, and i think we might go out tomorrow night and have a couple of drinks.

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Date:2007-07-19 20:41
Subject:San Sebastian / Donostia

every time i travel to another place in spain, i'm convinced the damn country tries to seduce me. i got into san seb at 8 in the morning, and it was overcast, 17C, and utterly stunning. i had no idea i'd missed cloudy skies so much. Wandering around, I found a river with the bluest water i'd ever seen, and the beach, which i will rant more about later. I found a hostel, dropped off my stuff, and walked to the peninsula, upon which a massive jesus-figure was standing.

I wandered around there for a couple of hours, looking at castle walls, and i touched a cannon that was made in 1502! I also found a spot near the castle gate that reminded me of home, because this part of spain is so naturally wet and green that there is mould over all the rocks and trees.

Also, i now have another backup Life Plan. I want to be a lighthouse keeper in San Sebastian. there's an island in the middle of the bay, and the only house on it is the lighthouse, and the ocean-facing side of the island is one angled slope of rock. i think storms would be awesome there.

after the wandering, i got back to the hostel just in time to go out to dinner with my roommates. we had italian, and i had a lovely lasagne. then we got drunk, and i learnt that a 1L cocktail glass is too much for one man.

Today... was spent lazing about on the beach, cooking myself to golden-red perfection. the water here is so clear that you can see everything in the water, and watching a wave break looks like a sculpture of glass. between baking and swimming, i indulged in the local beach culture with Cladiu, a romanian-californian. We also discussed spanish women, in a very gentlemanly fashion, as his girlfriend was right beside us.

Another crazy thing about san sebastian is the stoner shops. I walked into the first one and was blown away, because they were growing button cacti, which are the ones that contain mescaline. wandering around the corner, i stumble across another shop, and they had about a dozen marijuana plants growing in the back half of their shop, and were selling seeds over the counter.

tonight i'm trying the tapas here, which is supposedly the best in spain.

oh, and i love the human brain. the dopamine reward system is the best thing ever. i was grinning like an idiot after a coffee, wandering through a light rain, knocking on hostel doors. apparently my body really misses caffeine.

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Date:2007-07-16 14:31

Summercase was so incredibly ossumtastic that I'm only able to talk about it now, 2 days later. I saw the end of PJ Harvey's set, the Arcade Fire, The Whitest Boy In The World, Bloc Party and the Scissor Sisters on the first night, and on the second... James, DJ Shadow, Air, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and the fwhagads Chemical Brothers!

and i realised i can get empathically high. it's the only explanation for how i managed to dance like a crazy pillhead for 2 whole hours (the length of the CB set), and also explains the massive grin i had on my face.

oh, and i'm unsure if i mentioned it earlier, but scottish girls are crazy, wild and more than a little bit scary. :-)

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Date:2007-07-12 00:03
Subject:too cool for school

I am now officially organised for Summercase, where i shall see Air, The Arcade Fire, The Chemical Brothers (squee!), Bloc Party, and PJ HARVEY!!!!

I feel your envy, and i chuckle happily in response. haven't decided what i'll be doing afterwards thought, but i'm confident that something of suitable awesomeness will crop up.

got slightly tipsy tonight with a whole bunch of aussies, drinking 0.65€ bottles of wine. so, just over a dollar, that means in your money. and it was quite good, and sharing stories is awesome fun.

anywho, must be off to bed, as i haven't gotten a proper night's sleep in several days, and i know i won't get one tomorrow, friday or saturday. :-D


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Date:2007-07-09 14:09
Subject:Change of plans

I'm coming home at the end of July. Spain is too awesome for me to want to leave, so I'm going to wander around here some more, and live it up a little. also, I'm trying to organise my lazy ass into going to a huge concert, which will have Air and the Arcade Fire at it! it's back in Barcelona, but I'm quite willing to go back there. it was quite nice, and I met some people at the Rambutan (once again that place ties my trip together) who have kindly offered me a spare bed in Barcelona, and they're going to the concert as well.

now I'm off to go buy a ticket (in advance! *shock*) and also do a bit of music shopping, cause the music stores here inspire me to have a Randall moment. soo big, so many options, so little britney spears and N'sync and usher. lovelovelove!

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Date:2007-07-06 19:49
Subject:Hasta Luego, my tribe

today the Rambutan tribe parted ways. Dave the pom, Francis and Gen the Quebecian couple, and Myriam the foul-mouthed (Dave and I were teaching her) decided to head further south to Tarifa, while I need to get my tanned self up north, or I'll spend my entire holidays in Spain, which will drastically reduce their duration.

In the train station, we parted. No tears, but there was a definate sense that we were all going to miss each other. lots of "not goodbye, just hasta luego (see you later)". It's quite likely that I'll bump into Dave again, as he lives in london in a hippy commune, and told me to give him a shout when i'm that way.

While i was sitting in the train station, having just realised that i've now been travelling for a whole month, a kindly Spanish man sat down near me, and started striking up a conversation. I told him that i don't speak spanish, but then we ended up chatting for a good while, mainly about how hot it was in Seville, and where we were from. It wasn't very deep conversation, and i'm sure it would've fallen apart if he hadn't been so understanding about my lack of grammar and correct words, but it gave me an incredible sense of accomplishment. rocks to be me, i've heard.:-)

The tribe went out to a random bar last night to celebrate our time together, and had the most amazing foods i've ever tasted. we even had bloody eggplant and it was delicious. also, quite a bit of vino tinto de verano, the wine of summer. which is just wine mixed with lemonade, but is muy bien.

Aaannnndddd... I flukely managed to find accommodation here in Córdoba that is not only cheap, but close to all the interesting things, and run by a very friendly and helpful couple, who are letting me take up a whole double room for the price of a single. and it has a bathtub!!!!!!

Hope you're all taking care, and I love you all.

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Date:2007-07-05 13:58
Subject:further gushing about Rambutan

i only spent two nights there, and in those two nights, i only got 5 hours sleep, but that´s because it is such an amazing place. the owner/operator is a laid-back american with dredlocks, and the staff are just backpackers who are getting free meals and board. we´d all sit around, drinking, partying, and every now and again someone would pull out an instrument and give us a little taste of their talents. one guy (a pommy originally from Jordan) was a professional beatboxer, and now we´re all doofing and tchic-chicaing every couple of minutes. plus i ran into 3 canadians and a pommy guy who were going my way, so we all jumped onto the train together, and went out last night, talking about culture, and how awesome Granada was as a city, and how the Rambutan was the perfect place to stay. we all miss it, and i´m fairly sure everyone who goes there feels the same way.

I don´t want to leave spain. but i have to, if only to get away from the heat. Seville is insanely hot. it was 31C at 1am. thanks be to the various gods that our dorm has aircon.

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Date:2007-07-05 03:49
Subject:Seville, and missing Granada

spent the last two days living in a hostel at the crazy end of granada. i pointed out in my last post that when i visited, it had a bit of a sharehouse vibe, but after having spent two nights there, i can safely say it´s more than just a sharehouse, it´s a religious experience. met the most awesome people i´ve crossed since i started travelling, as well as an insanely beautiful kiwi lass who reminded me of kez so much that it wasn´t funny. the whole time i was there, we were all partying, and i made so many friends and people to call up again that i´m overflowing with little pieces of paper. when me and my new-found friends got on the train here to seville, we all felt nostalgic, and i know for a fact that i´ll be back at the Rambutan as soon as possible. so i´m coming back to spain, it appears. it doesn´t matter when, because i know i´ll be back.

now we´re in seville, which is much warmer, but still quite enjoyable. having a good time in a hostel that´s a little more formal, but has airconditioning, which is quite a bonus.

love you all, see you again soon.

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Date:2007-07-02 19:46

Today i went up to the alhambra, which is an old muslim palace/fortress/town and was totally blown away by how beautiful and complex it was. also, it gave me many inspirations for my dream house, which is becoming more and more palatial every time i imagine it. :-) flowing water is awesome, and so are ponds.

last night i went out tapas-ing with an aussie who shared my dorm, and she ran into some random british chaps who proceeded to liquor us up something fierce. brits like to drink, and when it´s €1 a beer, and shots are €1.50, getting plastered is quite feasible. we went into a very relaxed little club, where between knocking back beers, and making out with random lasses, the bartender gave us all sorts of interesting booze.

earlier that night, we´d had another bartender who looked suspiciously like the lead singer of Butterfingers. that was a weird bar.

oh, and i´ve realised that i have a habit of finishing a statement mid-sentence, by saying "just" or "like", then taking a bite or sip of something. that has to be very frustrating to the people who spend a lot of time talking to me.

aaaand... i´m terminally attracted to long, dark hair.

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